Our Impact

In Afghanistan, the world’s leading source of lapis lazuli, most of the country’s production of the precious rock comes from countless small mines in the Badakhshan Province.

In these areas, mining drives the economy and is one of the few sources of income for countless families.

However, much of the territory of these areas is dominated by the Taliban and other local members of the Islamic State who “operate illegal mines, attack other mines to capture their production, and demand protection payments from intimidated mine operators” (Crystal Vaults).

The worst part, however, is that revenues from mining these rocks tend to be used to fund terrorism, wars, other forms of violence in search of political power.

Natural Gems’ business supports those independent miners that seek to prosper and grow by doing business in an ethical manner.

Our Impact

Empowering Independent Miners

Purchasing this artwork supports not only Afghan miners but also local artisans that make the finished product. Natural Gems is committed to their suppliers.

Supporting Family-Owned Jewelry Stores

Natural Gems imports products from Afghanistan only, assuring that all the gems are legitimately mined and hand-picked from local family owned jewelry stores.

Dignified Work Opportunity

Natural Gems is empowering Afghan miners and artisans that would otherwise need to rely on armed and terrorist forces for their livelihood.

Better Life Opportunities

By supporting Afghan miners, Natural Gems is using business and influence to make a change that will last for generations.

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