Lapis Lazuli’s Magic

The beautiful and unique blue metamorphic rock, better known as lapis lazuli, is one of the most desired and precious stones in human history. Since the early times of mankind, lapis lazuli was used as a sculpting material, pigment, and ornamental material.

Today, lapis lazuli is much more than a sought-after stone. Lapis lazuli embodies a deeper and more profound meaning within. It’s a revealer of inner truth and a symbol for self-expression that inspires people to live authentically.

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A lapis lazuli necklace featuring a tree with blue leaves made out of the stone to symbolize wisdom and truth

Wisdom and Truth

Lapis lazuli stimulates integrity of the spirit. The metamorphic rock is the perfect gift for professionals whose good judgement is of vital importance to society.

A lapis lazuli bracelet with other brown stones to symbolize spirit and friendship

Spirit and Friendship

The precious stone is believed to bring harmony to relationships. Lapis lazuli has historically been used to relief suppressed feelings and renew the spirit.

A lapis lazuli necklace with a blue heart made out of the stone to symbolize love and communication

Love and Communication

Lapis lazuli is a symbol of honest and open communication, traits of vital importance for loving relationships. Foster and cultivate the love in your relationship with the stone nurturing love.

Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone for clearing emotional bagagge. It brings mental strength and gives the ability to overcome trauma and grief. The stone teaches compassion and spiritual love, while promoting self-awareness and blocking negative energy.

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The History Behind Lapis Lazuli’s Magic and Meaning

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