Our Story

Ahmad Nazari, our founder, was born and raised in Northeast Afghanistan, in the Panjshir province that borders Pakistan. The region is most famous for its mountains, narrow valleys with steep walls and beautiful rivers. This part of the country is also excessively rich in natural resources with many mines of precious and semi-precious stones. These gems have been used in Jerusalem and Egypt for centuries to decorate ancient statues and buildings, and are now becoming very famous around the world for their vivid and unique colors.

While in his home country, Ahmad gave up his business to support US Special Forces as a mission interpreter.  He relocated to the United States in 2012 after he became a target to terrorist groups, and he and his family feared for their lives. After arriving in the United States, Ahmad and his family were amazed with the kindness and hospitality of strangers that were trying to help them have a safe and peaceful life. To this day, he often talks about how the feeling of being welcomed influenced his life.  

Ahmad started Natural Gems company in 2019, aspiring to provide a living for his family and get on their own feet, but also to bring a piece of his home country to the United States. He hopes that people will get the opportunity to inquire about the history of the products and the country of origin through the beauty of the jewelry and stones.

Natural Gems imports products from Afghanistan only, assuring that all the gems are legitimately mined and hand-picked from local family owned jewelry stores. Purchasing this artwork supports not only Afghan miners but also local artisans that make the finished product.

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